Two and a half year old born before 3/31/22)

2 day class Tuesday/Thursday

Three year olds (born before 9/30/21)

3 day class Monday/Wednesday/Friday

4 day class Monday through Thursday

5 day class Monday through Friday

Pre-Kindergarten (born before 9/30/20)

4 day class Monday through Thursday

5 day class Monday through Friday

 All classes have two teachers.

Most classes have a maximum of 10 children.

Pre-Kindergarten classes have approximately 12 children. 

Afternoon Adventures - This optional after school program is available to our 3 yr olds and pre-k children. The class will be held every Wednesday from 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm. Cost is $20 per week.



Upon receipt of the registration form, registration fee, permission form, tuition contract, emergency care form and health form, the child will be placed in an age appropriate class.
Each child will be enrolled on a conditional basis. The staff will continually evaluate each child's placement and adjustment with the school's program. If, in the opinion of our staff, a child appears to lack the readiness for the school experience or if other issues are noted which indicate that the child is not adapting well to the school environment, the parents will be called for a conference. The Preschool Board reserves the right to withdraw a child during the school year, if it is determined that this action is in the best interest of the child and school. Please refer to the Preschool Handbook for our disciplinary policy. If, during the school year, a parent finds it necessary to withdraw the child from the program a 30 day written notice is required, although the May tuition deposit will not be refunded, as agreed upon in the tuition contract.





Conferences will be scheduled with parents during the school year to discuss a child's progress. Developmental Progress Reports will be completed by the teacher. A copy will be placed in the child's file and one will be given to the parents. A parent may request a conference with the teacher or director at anytime during the school year.


2024-2025 School Year